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Upcoming Events in the Ashburn, Virginia

Rehoboth Beach Walk to Defeat ALS Rehoboth Beach
81.35 Miles away from you
Out Drive ALS Charity Golf Tournament Coppersburg
92.82 Miles away from you
Sports & Wellness

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Promoting an event is hard work, time consuming, costly and the most important part of ensuring event success. However not everyone is a marketing whiz, social media guru or advertising mogal.

That’s where Eventsburgh steps in providing the first platform that promotes your event FOR YOU, using our tribe of event going socialites. You simply name your price or how much your willing to pay per click for others who drive targeted traffic to your event. This is the first event marketing platform that you simply set and forget!

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Eventsburgh is just a tad different than other event promotion sites.

As you know most social media users will see something they like including an event and share it but never get a dollar for that right? And you can post an event and ask people to share it but what motivation do they have?

Here comes Eventsburgh! Here you can post your events and ask others to share them and they get a reward, a few pennies here a few pennies there, whenever someone clicks on their “shared” link. You decide how much and they decide how much by how much and where they share. Pretty simple!